SafeConsole 5.9.3 Hotfix-2 ( - Released December 10th, 2021

Security Fixes:

  • Updated Log4j2 Library to 2.15 to mitigate CVE-2021-44228

SafeConsole On-premise customers should update their SafeConsole installations immediately.

SafeConsole 5.9.3 Hotfix-1 ( - Released December 2nd, 2021


  • Fixed bug in Licensing system

SafeConsole 5.9.3 - Released November 30, 2021


For best practices, we recommend that Admins create a meaningful custom role name that lines up with your SSO App templates.  


SC_Administrators (custom role name) -> SC_Administrators (IDP User memberOf field)

New Changes and Improvements:

  • Overall faster response for all areas of the console
  • Audit Log exports now download as stream data

  • PortBlocker Improvements
    • Increased capacity for PortBlocker policies

    • New Device List Import system to import and approve SafeConsoleReady devices

    • New Dynamic Computer Name system to sync PortBlocker IDs to workstation names

  • Security Enhancements
    • Single-Sign-On improvements
    • Web and API Token improvements (note: new API Tokens will need to be regenerated)

Fixes and Other Changes:

  • Changes in the license system to support the new Starter Plan
  • UI improvements and enhancements 

SafeConsole 5.9.2 Hotfix-1 ( - Released October 15th, 2021


  • Bug fixes and improvements

SafeConsole 5.9.2 - Released August 16, 2021

New Changes and Improvements:

  • Multiple actions to be scheduled in Scheduled Actions.
  • Improved performance for Device Software Updates using Payload-Only Updates.
  • Improved performance for loading Geolocation data in Server Settings.

  • New features for PortBlocker v1.6+
    • New PortBlocker Policy options:

      • Background Stealth Mode: PortBlocker will remaining hidden in the background. The Client UI and Notifications will not be visible.

      • Custom Policy Refresh Interval: Customize the minutes between PortBlocker server policy refreshes.


  • Bug fixes and other changes for enhanced security

SafeConsole 5.9.1 - Released May 11, 2021

New Changes and Improvements:

  • N/A - This release is focused on fixing issues and internal improvements


  • Bug fixes and other changes for enhanced security

SafeConsole 5.9.0 - Released Apr 20, 2021

New Changes and Improvements:

  • Added support for new DataLocker K350
  • Improved Device Auto-Updater Policy and UI
    • Allows SafeConsole Administrator to Approve or Deny updated Device Client versions to be displayed within the Policy.
    • Updates can be saved locally so devices will only need to communicate with SafeConsole server during Auto-Update.
    • Improved layout for additional information regarding each update.
    • Allows Admin to specify Device Client version to be presented to devices from within Policy.
  • User Promote to Group Admin can now be disabled
    • By default, Custom Role-Based Security System allows admins to promote users to Group Admin to administer user(s) and device(s) within their path. This can now be disabled after enabling Custom Role-Based Security System.
  • New features for PortBlocker v1.5+
    • Notifications can now be set to "User Configurable" to allow users to have full control over notification(s).


  • Bug fixes and other changes for enhanced security